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Are you brave enough to try it?

Are you brave enough to try it?

Having an extremely sincere approach, we wanted to challenge people to taste Unfished. Yes! To challenge them! Because we knew we were going to communicate with a delicate category, where showing people tasty food and mouthwatering images to convince them to try it, isn’t enough. Though, demonstrating we understand their skepticism regarding a new product, makes us more authentic, more approachable, more trustworthy and gets us closer to the consumer. So, we launched Unfished under the Weird, but damn tasty headline, to show consumers that an alternative, as the brand is, isn’t necessarily a compromise. Sometimes, such as in our case, alternatives become the best choices.




Globally, the sales of plant-based foods overcome rapidly the sales of animal-based products. There is certainly place and opportunity for more fish alternatives. Plant-based diets are more sustainable than the animal-based ones because less natural resources are involved and less environmental harm is done. Moreover, they provide a healthy life and support the wellbeing of people of all ages.

People are skeptical when it comes to vegetal products and they see alternatives as a compromise in taste. How can we attract them and keep them loyal in a new category, considering this misconception about vegan products?

Unfished is the first Romanian brand that offers a plant-based alternative for fish. In order to build product desirability in a new category with a skeptical public, we had a simple, yet honest approach in order to communicate the taste benefit. The ”Weird, but damn tasty” platform helped us bring consumers closer to the product, showing them that we understand their tensions and skepticism, in a unique human approach.


Social Media

We launched and created the Instragam and Facebook pages for Unfished Romania. We populated the pages with mood and product photos but also facts about fish consumption and sustainability. The pages grew immediatly and we launched them in UK and Germany.

In-store materials

Though we didn’t have many POSMs for in-store promotions, we triggered curiosity for consumers to try this brand-new product. We placed wobblers for each product and a display that presented the whole range of products and their benefits.

The cover of the Progresiv magazine

For one month, we were on the cover of the Progresiv magazine, both printed and online versions. The purpose was to present the new range of products and the Key Visual of the campaign, in order to familiarize the retailers with the brand-new campaign.

Digital assets

Of course, new products can’t be launched without digital presence. Therefore, we developed an ad campaign on Facebook, YouTube and TikTok ads. Their objective was to create awareness and redirect people to the website, where the consumer can order the products directly to their home.