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Avon Onlinehood

Avon Onlinehood

We are building an entire neighborhood as a symbol of the AVON community. We bring together beauty fans, counselors and all makeup consumers in a unique environment where women can find their favorite products, test them and share the whole experience with their friends. In these challenging times, when we all miss the outside environment and social interaction, we created the first online community for women, where they will find what they lack the most - reconnecting with friends through activities related to beauty and care. The Beauty District is the new online meeting place for beauty enthusiasts.  




Being an Avon Representative is more than just selling cosmetics. It's about the satisfaction of being part of a community. Therefore, recruiting new representatives has not always been a simple process, especially now that the global pandemic has brought into the equation a number of important limitations. The impossibility to do face-to-face interviews and recommendations, to recruit at events, fairs and festivals, has led to a translation of ante-pandemic offline experiences into digital events, an alternative that sets also limitations besides benefits.

How can we create an authentic and transparent conversation without interacting with potential recruits on a regular basis, at fairs and events, as we used to? How can we give them information and recommendations without appearing to brag? How can we achieve the main objective of the campaign, that of generating leads for the registration of as many Avon Representatives as possible, while retaining the existing team and generating engagement with the potential applicants?

Creating an online simulation of all the activities that women carry out offline, through an interactive website that offers: knowledge exchange, connection with friends, tips and tricks from Avon specialists in webinars, shopping and entertainment. Thus, stands as an online aggregator of all actions that took place, normally, during field activations.



Community is the place where women can reconnect with their friends through activities related to beauty and care - shopping and entertainment, exchange of knowledge, games with beauty products as prizes. The district also includes dedicated sections for each product category, for webinars and contests, aiming to inspire users to interact with our platform.


In order to make the user experience as fun and attractive as possible, we have integrated dynamic elements in the website such as an interactive map for each product category and two games, one of which is an interactive ``Guess the Price`` game for CORE SKUs. Creating a sense of competition, gamification triggers enthusiasm and engagement, encouraging people to be eager for achievements and rewards.


What are girls doing when they meet in the neighborhood? They tell stories and share new things they have found out lately. Well, we translated this into the online environment in the form of 3 interactive webinars alongside AVON specialists. Those in front of the computer or smartphone were able to raise questions for the speakers and win prizes.


An alternative for offline experiences, transposed into the online environment, the website allows users to register for winning weekly prizes. Through the registration form, users have the option to check if they want to become Representatives, giving their consent to be contacted. Thus, we formed a database with a success rate of 100%, which was the most important channel for generating leads.