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Summer craving

Summer craving

Summer 2020 was like no other, after two lockdown months and so many ruined holiday plans. Therefore, any new project came with an unexplored territory. We already knew biscuits are not people’s first choice for a sweet treat during hot days and the main consumption occasion for them is as a quick filling snack while travelling. So, how could we communicate a cross biscuits campaign in this summer context if people were mostly staying at home in their big and crowded cities? We tapped into two common human desires - that summer feeling we were craving for even more now and the newly reiterated idea of enjoying every little thing in our lives. This campaign has obtained The most efficient promo campaign in the sweets category prize at Piața Prizes Gala 2020.  




The pandemic brought a lot of sudden changes for all of us – human interaction and travelling were risky and restrictive, near future was very uncertain and every little custom we were used to had to change because of this constant threat. People started to be worried, anxious and the main left refuge was to take advantage of your everyday little joys, especially now after the lockdown.

If before the pandemic travelling was the most waited for activity of the summer, now people are divided in two main categories - the ones who canceled all their plans and decided to stay in the city and the ones who wanted to take advantage of any given little trip. Therefore, we had to communicate biscuits not only as a filling snack for your trips, as we knew people considered them, but also as a choice for the summer, no matter where you find yourself, something people were not used to during hot days.

We created a strong association between biscuits and the feeling of enjoying every little thing this summer, while free and finally outside the house. So, we came with the concept of Summer Craving and the encouraging HL Enjoy a tasty Summer!. More than this, we pointed out that biscuits are fit for any traveller, not matter if they choose to travel away from the city or explore the urban surroundings.


Campaign LP

We created a campaign Landing Page for promo registration and added a twist to it – a Holiday Quiz, so we build a stronger association between the participating brands and the summer season. Therefore, by completing the quiz, consumers could find out what type of travellers they are and therefore, which product suited their style best.

In-store Promo

The central component of the campaign was a national promo with cute prizes which we amplified through various in-store materials. All executions were eye catching with a strong colour combo and bold communication of brands and creative idea.

Digital amplification

In the technology era, we thought things will solve faster with a friendly and funny chatbot, programmed to guide users within the website, in order for them to answer the most common questions they might address.

50 Unpaid influencers

The cherry on top was a Direct Mailing we planned with nothing else but delicious Mondelēz products. We sent it out to the best-known influencers out there and engaged 50 unpaid content creators who posted over 160 great content pieces, reaching a community of over 2 million SM users in total.