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BAT Global Graduate

BAT Global Graduate

Being young and hitting the road is difficult. It is even more difficult while being in the middle of a global pandemic. In this context, when we were all quarantined, stuck in front of the computers, British American Tobacco (BAT) wanted to make a difference and help Romanian youngsters to focus on productive activities. We launched the first online training program, available free of charge for all young people in Romania: BAT Global Graduate 2020. Besides the free training component, the program offered the possibility to apply for a BAT career.  


British American Tobacco


The trends of the workforce have drastically changed in the pandemic context. Because the recruitment and employment rules have also modified along with the new limitations, the organisations had to keep up with the new context and learn new practices and strategies. Besides the traditional lack of career experience and the difficulty of finding a proper job, the obvious problem of young Romanian people was now enhanced by the difficulties encounterd once with the pandemic context.

Nowdays candidates gravitate toward career opportunities that strike a strong work-life balance and offer a sense of purpose. Also, they embrace professional freedom, innovation, flexibility and an employee-centric culture. At the same time, the impossibility of doing face-to-face interviews and also the fact that, due to the pandemic, potential applicants could not find out what positions are open at BAT, made the recruitment process quite difficult.

Following the young users' online journey when it comes to applying for a job, we realized that recommendations are an important source of information. But how could we create an authentic and transparent conversation, without genunine human connections? We decided not to do just a recruitment campaign, but to make a real online school for young people. And we did this by highlighting real people, BAT employees, who could speak from their perspective to young aspirants, share their valuable know-how, as well as their BAT story.




The entire campaign site was built around a series of live videos with employees in key positions at BAT, as well as relevant influencers. The website included information about the jobs available at BAT, the company's background, the possibility to apply for open positions and also authentic stories about the experience of being a BAT employee, written by current company employees.

My BAT Story

The campaign also had an essential component of sharing know-how and behind-the-scenes info from BAT: My BAT Story - a series of interactive webinars that dealt with live video content through a series of relevant topics for young people, from storytelling to creativity, critical thinking and growth mindset. It was an interactive format in which young people could ask questions to live speakers and receive information through dedicated newsletters on their areas of interest.


Along with other people with experience in the company, three influencers with strong Instagram and FB communities, were invited to provide useful advice for those who wanted to succeed in their careers: Flick (radio man & entertainer), Bianca Ștefania (influencer and Social Media Manager) and Andrei Niculae (radio man). This way we increased our audience, respectively our campaign awareness.

Social Media

In addition to the site and live videos, the campaign also benefited from a PPC component (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, GDN, Google Search), influencers posts, press releases and advertorials in specialized sites, a total of more than 100 digital assets. So, the communication was customised and adapted to each component, role and target typology.