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Durex G-Spot at Untold Festival

Durex G-Spot at Untold Festival

People LOVE festivals because they are the perfect context for fun, liberty and creating new experiences. Festivals are mostly about getting wild while enjoying music and life, without losing your sense of self and without forgetting your values. So in this magical festival world, people do however need caution and limits. That’s the challenge that Durex accepted from one of the major festivals in Romania, Untold: to play the role of protector, the one that also values music, love and fun but in a safe, balanced manner. This project was awarded with Bronze at Webstock 2020, in the Best Experiential Campaign category.    




Untold is the biggest festival in Romania. Hundreds of thousands of people, Romanians and foreigners, come in Romania every year to enjoy Untold, to have fun and build memorable experiences.

How can Durex succeed to talk to the consumers about safety and protection in a context like festivals, that favors the exact opposite behavior due to their nature?

We wanted people to hear our message about protection even in such a nonconformist context like festivals. So we made it big! We built The Durex G-Spot Tower, an actual climbable tower and we showed contextual messages related to safety on the big lateral screens attached to it. So we talked to people in a fun, relaxed way, relevant in the given context.


Real-time messages

Contextual communication is so powerful and efficient, even more during festivals, where brands needs to be relevant and rooted in the immediate reality. Therefore we projected on the screens of the tower a series of contextual messages about the weather, the festival or the artists playing on stage, (all related to safety and care with a fun twist), a shareable and engaging content that people posted on social media.

Trending subjects in Social Media

Durex at Untold? People needed to hear about it from social media. Before, during and after the festival, Durex Facebook Page and Instagram Page announced people about the partnership and kept them updated with the subject. Moreover, we transmitted live sessions from the Tower in various moments of each day. During the 2 weeks, the number of Instagram followers on Durex page grew with almost 400 followers and we crossed the 1K followers milestone

BTL Activation

We had a photobooth and a kiss cam at the base of the G-spot Tower, encouraging couples and friends to take photos and to express their feelings with the help of the kiss cam. Product sampling was also part of the experience. Both were a real success and people really enjoyed the Durex experience at Untold.

Influencers quest

We had Selly, Bromania and Laura Giurcanu, three famous Romanian youtubers and influencers finding the G-Spot at Untold. They also live streamed the whole experience, so the people at home can get a taste of Untold. The social media posts presenting Durex influencers at Untold reached almost 300.000 users organically, had great engagement and people couldn’t wait to meet their favorite youtubers at the Durex corner.