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TUCe pui pe TUC?

TUCe pui pe TUC?

Creating a cooking-inspiring campaign starting from a simple cracker was truly a challenge. The campaign was a cross-communication of Tuc and Philadelphia and its main objective is to re-purpose TUC. Instead of seeing it as a simple biscuit, we inspired people to see it as a base for delicious treats. See if for yourself: This campaign was awarded with a Bronze at the Effie Awards 2020, within the Snacks, Confectionary and Desserts category.  




Snacking is one of the largest trends of the moment – 50 to 70% of Europeans declare that they snack at least once a day. Also, there are plenty of brands, from different categories, competing for this specific opportunity.

Millennials enjoy quick and tasty snacks with a gourmet approach. However, TUC was not perceived as a versatile product, but as a humble salted biscuit.

We offered cooking enthusiasts a `Do It Yourself` experience. Our solution was to create a Tinder for Food, where users could discover lots of different Tuc combinations, created by Chef Dexter. The campaign included also in-store sampling, promo mechanics, digital communication and a cool Tucteria Van.


Tinder like generator

The website was attractive through a Tinder-like generator that invited users to select the ingredients they liked. They could see plenty of snacking ideas, both sweet and salty. And all their interactions were tracked in order to display live data of TUC fan's preferences.

Chef endorsers

Chef Dexter created spectacular recipes - presented as photos, gifs and a step-by-step video. Also, Gabriela Simion joined the TUC challenge and developed video instructions for TUC lovers.

69 different recipes

We developed and shot more than 69 recipes, 6 videos and plenty of gifs, all in 3 very long shooting days. The photos looked amazing and inspired consumers to try out combinations and gave us over 63.141 likes on the website alone.


TUCteria was a specially branded van, that visited malls and office buildings, including Promanada Mall, AFI Cotroceni or Floreasca Business Center. Passers-by were invited to try the TUC combinations. Sampling activities also happened in-store.