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Each baby with their own milk

Each baby with their own milk

Breastfeeding is one of the first interactions a mother has with her baby. Unfortunately, in Romania, it often ends up being just that: a first contact, with mothers choosing to replace breast milk with animal milk even from the first 6 months, without realizing that her baby's development needs are specific. The presentation of strictly medical information was no longer enough to convince mothers not to introduce animal milk so early in their babies' diets! So the mission for year 2 of the campaign was simple: to inform mums in their own language and tell the stories of other mums, influencers they trust.


SAMAS Association


For the second year, SAMAS Association ran the information and education campaign for young mothers ``Each baby with its own milk``, whose message is that each baby has its own specific nutritional needs, animal milk is not suitable for it. For 2022, the NGO aimed to reach even more mums than it had been able to in the previous year, and an educational content campaign was no longer enough. We needed to find a way to amplify the campaign message in a way that was as authentic and trustworthy as possible.

Exclusive breastfeeding during the first 6 months of life is particularly important for the baby's development. However, only 29% of mothers in Romania do so, while the rest replace breast milk with animal milk. Although there have been efforts to educate and inform on the subject in the past, most have chosen to convey the message in a form that is too rigid for the target audience, mothers.

In order to inform and educate Romanian mothers, we have built around the idea that each baby has its own nutritional needs, in a way that is as authentic as possible, from the world of mothers and their offspring. We have created different digital spaces where mothers can inform themselves and discuss their breastfeeding problems. The challenge was to simplify the information and create digital experiences that were as interactive as possible. And because as well explained as the message was, the important thing was to reach as many mums in Romania as possible in a way they could trust, we called on mummy influencers to tell their own stories.


Story Marathon with Eli Roman

Live Facebook event where, together with Eli Roman - the host of the event, moms learned the breastfeeding stories of 5 influential moms, could ask questions directly to them and to the specialists present and could participate in a contest with prizes. The guests were: Olimpia Melinte, Ruxandra Luca, Diana Bart, Andrada Munthiu and Patricia Tut.

Visuals from the Mummy Universe

They dealt in an informative, entertaining and curious way with the differences between animal and breast milk. We started from the similarities between the different kinds of baby (human, calf, kid, etc.) and pointed out the differences to draw attention to the effects: for example, cow's milk is much lower in iron which can cause anaemia.

Instant Experience

To keep the user in one platform, we chose to develop an instant experience in Facebook and Instagram instead of the classic landing page. This contained all the campaign information and a form through which mums could check their level of breastfeeding information.

Social Media and activations

We created videos for each Social Media channel (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), taking into account the specifics of the platform. At the same time, we organized educational contests on both our own Social Media channels and those of Marathon influencers.