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Each baby with their own milk

Each baby with their own milk

Motherhood and breastfeeding are very personal topics. But, although emotional, they are impacted by a series of rational and scientific arguments, the way a newborn is fed impacting majorly the baby’s entire life when they grow. This conversation is particularly controversial in Romania, a country lacking in trust when it comes to authorities and scientific education, with people inclining more to following the advice of their peers, relatives and acquittances. The result? 24% of parents feed their babies with animal milk before the age of 6 months. So, how to approach this situation and communicate how crucial breastmilk is for babies’ development within a SAMAS campaign?


SAMAS Association


24% of Romanian parents feed their babies improperly, using animal milk, this practice leading to serious health problems for kids later on. The animal milk doesn’t contain the necessary nutritional intake for a human newborn and the substitution of breast milk with it might put the baby at risk for kidney problems, heart disease or poor development of bones.

Even if mothers are very well-intentioned when it comes to their babies, they choose animal milk instead of breastfeeding or formula because of their lack of scientific education or emotional reasoning - they think animal milk is healthy because it is natural, they were also fed with animal milk or the women in their lives, such as mothers or mothers-in-law, recommended this to them. Therefore, being a decision taken on emotional grounds is what makes it difficult to change mothers’ minds and even make them consider they might be wrong.

Mothers don’t like to be told they do not know how to do things right for their babies, so it was clear that taking the expert role was not the answer. So, what we did was to communicate a rational and educational message, based on scientific facts, on the language mothers use with their little ones. Therefore, we compared the kids with cute little animals, as moms do when they call their babies. Additionally, we highlighted the fact that even though babies might resemble little bunnies or monkeys, their nutritional needs are extremely different and only breastmilk is able to fulfill them. In other words: Each baby with their own milk!


4 specialists involved in the campaign

Even if our approach was to deliver serious information on mothers’ language, we also involved reputed specialists to endorse the campaign and generate credibility. The 4 specialists, all women with specializations on different medical areas, explained why breast milk is the proper nutritional solution for babies’ development.

Interactive Instant Experience

Instead of redirecting moms to other platforms and loose their attention on the way, we aimed to keep them engaged as much as possible. So, a part of our SM assets led to an interactive Instant Experience where moms could discover a series of materials explaining the main nutritional differences between babies from different species and the educational videos with specialists.

Engaging Social Media materials

We developed dozens of layouts with engaging messages to draw moms’ attention and make them enter the conversation. The materials featured comparisons between human and animal babies and even factual information about nutrition, delivered in a cute and easy to understand way.

Educational video content

We produced educational video content with the 4 specialists which we later used in various video ads formats. The videos responded to the most common questions about breast milk, formula and animal milks. The information was explained in depth, while also maintaining an approachable and easy to understand format.