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Because last year was one of many changes and the pandemic affected us all, CeraVe conducted a global study in 23 countries to see how people have changed their skin cleansing routine. Following this study, we set out to develop the first online show dedicated to skin cleansing. We took our inspiration from the most interesting and appreciated news formats, reality shows, and contests, which we brought together and created a truly amazing show. As for the presenters and anchors, we had the charismatic Adi Nartea, alongside dermatologists and influencers, who spoke openly about a correct skincare routine, but also about their personal ones.




During the pandemic, all our lives changed; especially our daily skincare routines. Furthermore, the access to accurate information is more important than ever. The masks we wear made us more interested in what happens to our skin and the relation we have with our dermatologist also changed.

CeraVe is a worldwide-known skincare brand, but in Romania, it is just beginning to become a strong benchmark in the skincare field. Each year, CeraVe conducts a global study to reveal additional information about what changes in the skincare sector. This year, our challange was to find a way to present the event in a more attractive manner and not only through a series of online influencer activations.

We realized that the solution comes from turning the event into an attractive one, not only for the CeraVe customers, but also for all skincare enthusiasts and the general public. What was our solution? We organized the first online show dedicated to skin cleansing in Romania, where influencers and specialists in dermatology were active participants.


Online Show

We created a TV show on the YouTube channel of the CeraVe brand. Additionally, we mentained the set shooting style with multiple cameras, a director, cameramen and guests. It was the first event of such a magnitude, both for the brand and for the Romanian market.

Digital amplification

To amplify the message, we created several ads, starting from the global CeraVe study and posted them on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, we turned to influencers to create buzz around the event and curiosity for the topics discussed, through a series of Instagram Stories.

TikTok Videos

In addition to the online show and digital amplification, we created a series of TikTok videos, in which influencers and dermatologists appeared. Through these videos, we set out to capitalize on the information of the global study in a form that would spark the public’s interest in discovering new things about skincare and cleansing.

TV studio simulation

Because we wanted to recreate a TV show format as realistic as possible (including as many formats as possible, such as news, talk show and contest), we rented and produced all the necessary logistics to organize a television set. Doing this, the clients had easy access to the information in an entertaining and familiar manner.