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Summer starts with Jacobs Cold Coffee

Summer starts with Jacobs Cold Coffee

During the summer period (April-August) there is an obvious trend for cold drinks consumption. Having this in mind, our concept is focused on building a strong association between cold coffee and summer. Because we wanted to make Jacobs Cold Coffee a summer promoter and messenger, we took the nautical symbols that were  season specific and associated them with the brand’s image. So the green became the new blue and Jacobs cold coffee a key element of the warm season.  


Jacobs Douwe Egberts


Consumers associate the summer season with a series of cold drinks such as beer, lemonade, ice cream drinks or a few cocktails. Coffee, not even the cold one, is not one of the first options for these hot days.

HPeople have micro moments that mark a new season for them: the first blooming flowers for spring, the first lemonade enjoyed outside for summer, the heavy jacket for winter. We needed to establish an undisputable footprint for Jacobs Cold Coffee in the summer, together with owning the consumption habit and further raise awareness regarding the wide variety of preparation methods for cold coffee.

We have built a strong association between cold coffee and summer. How? By creating a Jacobs marine look and building a so-called summer momentum for Jacobs Cold Coffee that we mark through the headline Summer starts with Jacobs Cold Coffee. We also strengthened the image of Cold Coffee as a quick consumption solution during the summer and Jacobs products as the number 1 choice for hot days.


In Store Activation

We created multiple POSM materials, as well as dedicated promo mechanics. Due to the pandemic context which came with a series of limitations in the store environment, we had to rethink the placements to communicate the campaign briefly and completely and to streamline the space occupied in the stores.

Engaged influencers

Young content creators explored the variety of cold coffee products in digital, due to our specially developed summer advent calendars for this component. We had an impressive success rate of 96% engaged influencers, together with an excellent feedback among their communities.

Social Media Materials

The campaign had a social media component on Facebook and Instagram, which included more than 100 developed digital formats, contests with prizes consisting of advent calendars, as well as short OLVs to strengthen the association between Jacobs Cold Coffee and summer.

Campaign Landing Page

We brought the new and fresh Jacobs summer momentum to the main stage, using the consumer decision journey, with focus on reach & acquisition. All the campaign actions led to this dedicated landing page, where the consumers had access to all information regarding the campaign and promotional mechanisms.