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The pandemic has changed the Romanian labor market. What benefits do companies offer to keep their employees

The pandemic has changed the Romanian labor market, and the hybrid work system will continue next year.

In addition, human resources experts are talking about a new wave of departures among employees. To keep them, many companies offer additional bonuses and, in some cases, the opportunity to work from anywhere. According to a study conducted by a recruitment platform, almost 80 per cent of Romanian companies will reward their employees for the holidays.

In an advertising company, two of the 20 employees work remotely. During the day, they are on Zoom, and in the evening, they have free time. By 2022, the company is considering allocating a special budget that allows employees to work from anywhere.

“We have more and more work programs for anywhere, we want to allow colleagues to work even a month or two remotely, from different countries they want to visit and practically allow them to have a larger area on the travel side. It is important to log in during working hours and at the end of the day to deliver the assigned tasks “, said the operations manager.

Teodora has worked from Switzerland for more than a month and plans to work in Spain in the summer.

“Basically, it’s vacation and work, two in one. I think it’s a perfect time for that. It depends on the period. If I have more freedom during the summer, it could be Spain or something more exotic “, said Teodora Mihale, Project Manager.

Instead, at a recruiting company, managers look for solutions so that employees can spend more time with each other.

“We offer monthly vouchers, but we want to go back to the offline side, to do team activities. We want to organize more activities in which we interact more often, especially since we consider it is safe. We are all vaccinated, some of us have taken the third dose and we are a little more cautious “, explained Ioana Iamhr, Human Resources Specialist.

And they are not the only benefits for employers. According to a study conducted by a recruitment platform, over 77 per cent of companies offer rewards in the next period.

Most employers will pay Christmas bonuses, extra days off, holiday packages or the 13th salary.

The benefits say human resources specialists come in the context of a new wave of departures, among employees who perform and get good results.

“The reasons are related to infrastructure, health care and education for their children. The fields in which we traditionally go and especially now, we are talking about research and development, we are talking about the engineering area and the area of ​​financial services very well developed where companies have their headquarters “, said Leonard Rizoiu, human resources specialist.

A similar phenomenon occurs in America, where people have resigned for various reasons, such as accumulated stress, exhaustion or lack of motivation. Many realized during the pandemic that they could spend more time with their family and start small businesses.

The Minio Studio team, in a ProTV News report