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TOP Snack – Episode 4

So far, you’ve been able to see how we received the brief, how we developed the strategy, how the creative process and the production of the materials went. One step left: the implementation of the campaign. So, now we’ve arrived at the last episode of Creative Chaos: How it’s made!

After the production of the creative materials, we almost breathed a sigh of relief, but in reality, the campaign was just getting started! The challenge remains: how do we avoid the cannibalization of messages in a 3-brand campaign? That’s where the media agencies came in, choosing the perfect communication mix. As a result, our DTP, Ionuț, made 16, sorry, 22 videos… *without social media. And Andrei, the art guy who had just ambitiously returned to Minio, took care of the digital materials until they came out just the way we wanted.

Here’s the recipe for chaos we keep talking about: 3 brands, 2 clients, 2 media agencies, social media agencies, implementation agencies and us, Minio Studio, strategic & creative lead. Want to know how we controlled the creative chaos behind the campaign? Watch the latest episode of Creative Chaos: How it’s made and see how the campaign delivered and what we learned from it!


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