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Creative Chaos by Minio Studio

Behind the scenes content about how we implement campaigns.

Creative Chaos is the first content project by a Romanian agency that transparently presents the working process and impressions of those who worked on Minio campaigns. It is a unique project, involving clients, partners and, of course, the Minio team. We call it a “short agency documentary” and we are proud to have our clients on board in this endeavour.

Very soon it will be clear to you that we haven’t been avoiding things. We wanted to take out the Mad Men glam and outdated by the current context and show things really cool in the unpredictability of their chaos. Follow us and we will show you our top campaigns, their success stories and bumps in the work process. You’ll find authentic and honest content, because the actors are regular people, real people who have worked directly on campaigns and are unfamiliar with cameras, camera crews and off-the-wrist lines. You’ll find people filmed from work from anywhere and collaborators we never physically saw during the project, but who we cared about being in the clip precisely because without their part of the story, the series would lose its authenticity. And we want to be transparent so that you can extract your own lessons and ideas from the know-how that we share with you.

Why you should follow us? 

  1. You’ll be able to see first-hand how Minio works on an award-winning project. No cosmetic touches, no actors paid to read from a teleprompter. From episode to episode you’ll discover every stage of the process, the toughest moments, how everyone tackled the challenges they faced, and the breakthroughs and small victories that led to big successes.
  2. Regardless of the complexity of our goals, we understand that fun should never be missing from the mix, you will get to know a series of personalities both through their professional and personal traits.
  3. You’ll meet people like you, who work with passion and have shown the courage to appear in front of the cameras, so that you can extract the best from their know-how.
  4. You’ll hear the voices of everyone involved, not just our story. Influencers, clients, suppliers and multiple partners will give you all the insights on the campaign, so you don’t miss a thing.

May 18 2022

What can you expect?

The first clip tells about the TUC campaign – TOP Snack, a campaign that brought 2 clients and 4 agencies to the same table to communicate 3 different products in one place

Throughout the 4 parts you’ll find out how many recipes Chef Dexter actually cooked, what was the deal with that Key Visual (and especially how many in-betweens there were), but also what was the first reaction of our friends at Mondelēz and Macromex when we proposed this mix.

Did we convince you?

Watch the first episode of the TOP Snack campaign here:


We invite you to watch the second episode


The third episode in the Creative Chaos series:

The last episode of this series:



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