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It’s Snackology. You choose what you like!

It’s Snackology. You choose what you like!

To continue the previous cross-branded campaigns between Oreo and Philadelphia, we decided on communicating for the general public in a friendly manner, by associating various moments of consumption with different snacks created by Chef Dexter. And so, Snackology was born as the art and science of creating the perfect snack for each moment.




“I want to eat something tasty, but I don’t know exactly what.” Sounds familiar? Well, this is exactly what this campaign is all about. With the help of Chef Dexter, we’ve put together a cheat sheet for creating the perfect snack for the perfect occasion!

Oreo and Philadelphia are different brands with very different and specific products. Oreo is a sweet biscuit and Philadelphia is a salty cream cheese. So how do we creatively communicate these two brands in a joint campaign? What about snacking can go beyond this difference in taste?

Then it clicked! We realized that while it may seem like a simple task, choosing a favorite snack can actually get quite frustrating. When in need for something quick and tasty, we always seem to be lacking in inspiration. And so, Chef Dexter created several snacking recipes that we then submitted to the vote of the consumers to decide which of the snacks are the best.


Delicious content for recipes used in battle

With the help of Chef Dexter, we have developed 6 delicious snack recipes, which were shot in a detailed photo-video shooting and the consumers have been invited to help us decide which tasy snack is the best.

Tens of video formats

Having filmed the process of creating Chef Dexter’s snacking recipes, we managed to develop numerous ad formats starting from the main videos and then we have delivered them on all platforms - from a dedicated platform for e-games to YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.

Extended Social Media presence

In addition to the videos in their many formats, we have also made use of the mouth-watering pictures which resulted from the photoshoot, and we integrated them in static ads and posts on social media. The layouts were in line with the campaign’s identity, but they also enhanced the appeal of the snacks.

Interactive Landing Page

For this campaign, the cherry on top was the dedicated Landing Page, where consumers would register for the promotion, would watch the videos and could also find the recipes. They could vote their favorite occasion for a snack and see Chef Dexter’s recommendation, his verdict as a “Snackologist” and, additionally, consumers could rate the recipe themselves.