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TOP Snack – Episode 1

Creative Chaos is a short documentary in 4 episodes that aims to bring together the people who take part in the production of a communication campaign: from the client to the advertising agency, media agencies, director, actors and freelancers. Shortly, a video recap of how we pulled off one of our proudest campaigns: TOP Snack, in collaboration with Mondelēz (TUC, Oreo) and Macromex (Philadelphia).

It all started from the brief, not easy: 3 brands united by a single communication campaign.

In the first episode you’ll meet Ioana (CEO), Cristiana (Head of Strategy & Growth) and Ana (Head of Operations), the three minds in Minio management who put the campaigns in motion. Also in this episode you’ll meet Paul, former Minio Studio Creative Director, who had just gone on paternity leave, Andrada, always with an eye on deadlines, and our clients from Mondelēz and Macromex with whom Minio has been teaming up for years.

Play it to see how it was!

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