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TOP Snack – Episode 2

How do we create key visual and headline for the campaign? How do we execute the creative concept in stores? How do we make the spots and photos? You’ll find the answer to these questions in the second episode of Creative Chaos: How it’s made.

In this episode you’ll find out what happens next after the moment of escapism when we completely change the proposal already agreed with the client. The new concept? The right snack at the right time!


For creative execution we needed reinforcements: Ioana, freelance art director in Switzerland, and George Bonea, freelance copywriter and ex-Minion, and for in-store execution, our core account Gabi took over and passed the brief on to Mihai and Max, senior art director and DTP, who have been working together for over 4 years now. Let’s see how they received the client feedback!

By the way, remember Andrada, the strategist we met in the first episode? She also took over the digital component of the campaign. We’re talking about video production, photo shoot, website, social media and dozens of ads. Now that’s a campaign!

If you want to see how two companies, two product categories, two sales teams implement one concept, watch the 2nd episode of Creative Chaos!


You missed the first episode? You can watch it here!