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We create bold integrated campaigns, by challenging the way we see the consumer.

Everything changes around us, faster and more epic than ever. In this context, we want to close the gap between the real consumer and the one we see from our offices. Our mission is to keep the pace with the world of consumer, to collect strong insights, and to grasp trends and even micro trends. With our strategic know-how, we develop vibrant communication campaigns for your brand. We put a spin on your campaigns. We offer an edgy perspective on marketing & advertising.

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Integrated Advertising Campaigns

Consumers do not think in terms of communication channels. Why should we? With a strong network of specialized professionals, plus our own business acumen, we deliver integrated approaches for your brands, in every major touch point.

We ask different questions.

Bold Creative Campaigns

Strategy is the mandatory underframe for every campaign. But creativity is what captures consumers eyes and minds. We know this and we practice creativity day-by-day, the way professional athletes do. We use tools and training methodologies, and we put our minds to a test every single day.

We have a strong passion for retail.

Shopper Marketing

One of our favorite touch points is retail. The final frontier of buying. The true test of your brand. We develop trade & shopper campaigns, innovative kits of POPM, actionable promotions and omnichannel projects.

We believe in the power of experiences.

Events & Activations

Immersive experiences are the ones that capture consumers's hearts. Real connection, real interactions and emotions - these are all powerful and all brands should master them perfectly. From product launches, to internal campaign, to CSR events, to brand activations, you can count on us.

Innovation is a key business driver.

Digital & Content Marketing

We all know that content is king in the era of AdBlock. Yet creating quality content is still very challenging. Not for us. We love words and we love providing useful information to consumers of all types. And, after creating it, we use our know-how to build a strong distribution system.

Creativity is how we express ourselves.

Design & Video

This is our second nature. We design 2D, 3D, web, mobile, illustrations and, a must of our century, video. And we do all of this in-house because we believe in good design. It can be a brand identity, a poster, a website, an app or a TV spot. Great design is incorporated in all of them.

Creative Solutions

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Coffee Keyboard


Summer Campaign


my HIVE Launch Event


Promotional Box Campaign


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Our team


Ioana Mucenic

Ioana has been an entrepreneur since she was 22. She is passionate about innovation and business strategy. In the last 13 years, she created and implemented thousands of advertising campaign, from concept to execution, both in Romania and at regional level. She is demanding, yet fair.

Head of Creatives

Paul Cotor

Paul is a Da Vinci of modern design. He has complex skills, including 2D design, vector design, 3D, video, programming, digital design, mastered with a great architectural approach. With more than 15 years in the industry, he is also a fine observer of consumer insights. The combination of business know-how, design skills and incredible good heart is what makes Paul the dearest member of our team.

Head of Strategy

Cristiana Pană

Cristiana is one of that rare persons which combine all the best in advertising: creative perspective, sharp strategic mind, and excellent client service skills. We decided to name her Head of Strategy, due to her for new learning, her curiosity for complex technology and her ability of grasping insights and trends.

Head of Operations

Ana Velea

Ana is a believer of operational excellence in a creative environment. With a decade of work in advertising agencies, she understands operations, procurement and sales like no other in our team. She coordinates all the vital operations of a business, from P&L management to supplier contracts.

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